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I hate manga and anime.
Recently, someone told me that she likes Anime and Manga because they are avenues for limitless imagination, and without rules.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, because my own experience is utterly opposite: Anime and Manga are quite possibly the least creative, most rule-infested genre of art. I can speak with some authority on this subject because I've lived in Japan (the home of anime and manga) for seven years.
In fact, I OWN some rulebooks about manga and anime, despite avoiding that genre with the same dedication with which a diabetic avoids sugar. I've also watched interviews with manga artists as they discuss the rules of manga/anime, and hung out on a Manga-for-artists website before discovering DeviantArt.
Consider the following rule set, and ask yourself a) is it true? b) what sort of stifling rulebook and lifestyle forced these artists to stay well within the rules, only trying to break away from the pack by taking the rules of cuteness, sexiness, violence, and good-v
:iconsethness:sethness 31 243
#@%@$#!$ :icona70172219:a70172219 314 10 COPYSTUDY :icona70172219:a70172219 367 18 X23-3 :icona70172219:a70172219 377 15 Red Vs. Blue :iconinkmonkey-woodis:Inkmonkey-Woodis 448 129 Bad Blood :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 296 95
Mature content
Love Live Sucks : Tiger Kills Minami Kotori :icontigerforever81:TigerForever81 4 2
Leo x Madoka:You ok? :iconinfernothehedgehog02:Infernothehedgehog02 1 0 Ten TMNTxSailor Moon Couples :iconkessielou:KessieLou 31 14 Madoka x TMNT:Nightwing the lady's man :iconinfernothehedgehog02:Infernothehedgehog02 3 1 Madoka x TMNT:Another typical day :iconinfernothehedgehog02:Infernothehedgehog02 6 0 Donnie x Homura:Back off she's mine!!! :iconinfernothehedgehog02:Infernothehedgehog02 2 0 Raph x Kyoko: Lovers Spat :iconinfernothehedgehog02:Infernothehedgehog02 6 0 Madoka x Tmnt:Meet Metalhead :iconinfernothehedgehog02:Infernothehedgehog02 7 7 Donnie x Homura:Don't worry I'll protect you :iconinfernothehedgehog02:Infernothehedgehog02 3 1 ShredderxNehelenia Stamp :iconkessielou:KessieLou 13 1


Team RWBY's possible Spirit Avatars (TMNT2k3)
So this is my own idea for the huntresses spirit avatar forms for RWBY/TMNT Acolyte Crossover
Ruby - Spirit Avatar Pheonix (Red Pheonix)
Weiss - Spirit Avatar Wolf (White Wolf)
Blake - Spirit Avatar Leopard (Black Leopard/Panther)
Yang - Spirit Avatar Pheonix (Blazing Pheonix)

With their new teachers: 
Kon-Shisho: Ninjutsu master of Spirit
Juto-Shisho: Ninjutsu master of Weapons
Chikara-Shisho: Ninjutsu master of Strength
Hisomi-Shisho: Ninjutsu master of Stealth
Team Zion vs Team Slayers
Neo vs Alucard 
Trinity vs Selene
Morpheus vs Blade 

Place your bets


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