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What if Rex Salazar meet the Future Turtles(SAINW)
Imagine if Rex went to a Dark Future against the Machines..

My own Summary: 
Rex Salazar's brother Caesar, created an instant dimensional portal but failed at first attempt. Rex touch the portal by using his palm and refix it by using his nanites, but bad luck for Rex the portal went online but the portal is too strong so the portal pulled him out and went to wrong place, wrong time line in a dark world that humanity is completely destroyed, from the hands of a dangerous galactic psychotic criminal know as Ch'rell aka Utrom Shredder with his never ending army of machines(Legions).  Rex found the remaining resistance along with April, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello(from the past of tmnt03verse). The only way for Rex to go back from his world is to help the resistance and the turtles to defeat Lord Shredder and his empire by using Rex's nanites to stop the machines, in exchange Donatello build another instant dimensional portal for Rex.  
Fitting Songs:……
Original Template by:……
What if Team RWBY meet The Ninja Tribunal Acolytes
Imagine if Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang transported to TMNT03verse. Then meet the Turtles, befriend them and went to the Ancient Tribunals to study the way of ancient mystics of the Acolytes and discover the girls' Spirit Avatars... Maybe Weiss is a Snow Wolf, Blake is a Tiger or a Leopard while Ruby and Yang are Phoenixes   :)
Fitting music:…

Original Template By KeyBladeMagicDan…
RWBY Team Style: RADS
Team Knives

R: Richard B. Riddick
A: Alexandra Trese
D: Dio Brando
S: Sakuya Izayoi

Original Teamplate:…
Oroku Saki X Salem
Salem is a having a date to a Mystical Japanese Demon, joining their forces so they can beat the Turtles and the Huntresses. When team RWBY and team TMNT team up.
(Just in an evil way of dating)

Original Template:…
TMNTxRWBY: Michelangelo give roses to Ruby Rose
Inspired from a soundtrack of TMNT 2007 - Roses…

Game: GTA San Andreas
Location: At the Pirate Ship
Sky Color: Orange (OFVIAC)
Flowers: Roses mod
Tools for modding: Alci's IMG Editor


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